Notes on Types of Software

Terminal Software

To Try

TOX - a new type of encrypted message system that Google and the Gov cannot read

emacs-ide an emacs IDE

smokeping - network latency manager

Sarducd: A universal boot loader

Bosum is an open-source, MIT licensed, monitoring and alerting system by Stack Exchange.

Linux Distros

Production and Planning Software

Office in a Terminal

calcurses a calendar in ncurses


glibc - standard C pox compliant library

Bionic - android C under the BSD licence

Hybris - compatability layer betwee glibc and bionic

Toybox - BSD-licensed BusyBox

Binder IPC Mechanism - small interprocess communication used by mobile systems

wso2 -open srouce mobile manager

WAMMU - open source mobile manager

Web IDEs

Ideally, it would be good to have a web IDE. In that way you could write your code on a remote server and compile it on a remote server. Here are some Web IDEs I found:

They are:









Net BSD 7 Software

Plaed with wpa_suplicant and was unable to get it to work.

I did get some have the opportunity to try and get some other programs to worl they are:

wimon - an ncurses graphic program that monitor wireless cards

rxvt - had problems with this one. It still does not work under netBSD. to enable these features, please edit the file /usr/pkg/lib/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt.

To Try

netdisco (web based traffic monitor)

ocsync, own cloud sync program

openresolv, managing resolv.conf file

nload - ncurses for monitoring network load

pload - another x network monitor tool

sysmon - another network monitor tool

vnstat - another network monitor. I have the following installation notes. The following files should be created for vnstat-1.14nb1:

/etc/rc.d/vnstatd (m=0755)

you must configure the network interfaces you wish to montor in
/usr/pkg/etc/vnstat.conf before attempting to use this package

tkined - tk net monitor

Access Point Managment Tools


cmus - ncurses simple player

cplay - ncurses frontend for various audio players

harrie - minimalistic realtime player
copying /usr/pkg/share/examples/herrie/herrie.conf to \

hydrogen - drum machine

juke - ncurses juke box. Notes: you may wish to install at lease some players from pkgsrc to use with juke (if you don't have them installed already). You can try the following packages:

Preferences can be set in ~/.juke.clonf for each user, and for all users in

moc - consol player

open qube player - consol player, a bit difficult to minipulate.

rexima - curses mixer


csound - synthesizer and sequencer

dap digital audio recording and processing

Audio readers

espeak - a text file reader I use when the artical is so boaring I can not stay awake. I usually make a "Read" directory in the root and put articles in there that I want to read

IRC Clients


Sway is a compositor from wayland that is a tiling window manager. I want to try and get waland working on another comptuter that I have

Open Box

obconf - open box configuration tool. OK

obpager - open box pager, OK not necissary

tint2 - a tool bar for open box. Never used.