Today 20180725

  1. get my clutch fixed
  2. clothing list
  3. clean up fannys machine
  4. go to bingo commission and see why my access changed
  5. get new computer for angela
  6. get new work close
  7. set up 2018 files
    • Write out new 2018 folders
    • Take all 2018 reciepts out of the files folders and place in new.
    • Take recipts over 3 year and put them in perminat file or distroy
  8. set up two stacks on my cardinza. One for total the other for sorted
    • sort through the stack and remove all of one type of item
    • file that item
  9. 2017 clear desk straiten bank stuff (start daily 3 reciepts 3 pieces of paper)
  10. searchable database to enter my 3x5 cards into
  11. balance USAA check book
  12. balance commercial check book
  13. set up banking computer
  14. set up phisical Angela
  15. order new pants for 4th degree
  16. get angela a new computer
  17. figure out zoneing levels of code next
  18. set up callendar for angela and I

Still To Do 2015, 2016 and 2017


  1. get new music stand


  1. fix garage support (the roten support that holds the doors)
  2. paint trim at house


  1. fix mic cables



  • paper work on desk
  • get a shell account
  • Check under house for sewer leak
  • send city inspectors my flood presentation
  • send city inspectors water flow out of side of Maund building
  • get new seat for car
  • write open records request to bingo commission.
  • follow up with trees and code enforcment. send info to counsel woman
  • follow up with city counselman about trees
  • look up company for Fanny
  • get garage door fixed
  • go get report from day before Christmas 2016
  • write email program to send one email per person
  • fix door garage
  • fix door kitchen
  • use a board computer to set up a fire wall
  • 20120409 make an exercise routine (walk 30 minutes per day)
  • go to bingo commission and check out 1st quarter bull shit
  • line up web sites
  • deside on mechanic and get clutch fixed
  • make a project and project page of going mobile.
  • lean to creat static web sites, lean Jycall.
  • set up new set of camaras
  • send fire alarm info to Stony
  • make wood towel racks
  • divid off store room
  • make new file cabnet key 112E
  • contact feds about domins
  • log on insurance web site and check out benifits
  • 20170101
  • alternate backup system
  • fix mirror on car
  • write Frost Arnett Co and find out what they want
  • set up a photo aria
  • clean out 3x5 box on desk
  • report Gay
  • straiten up KC computer records
  • figure out how to save recording from recorder to disk
  • Update oxco web site (add comstomer aria)
  • Update oxco web site (put graphic email and phone number)
  • Dig up boards on side of rent house
  • update medical folder
  • complete p01 office clean
  • 20150101
  • straiten files in office
  • Experiment with sound recording
  • buy 2 mikes and 2 mike stands (checkout head mikes)
  • figure out how to record with linux
  • Experiment with sound recording
  • Try Spider Oak
  • run cat 5 for 2 more camaras
  • 20140220 check with texas workforce commision about why they want my social security number.
  • 20130402 straiten office find papers
  • 20130219 plan for the kitchen
  • 20121009 buy fence parts and make hole in fence
  • 20120926 do research on GBL lease
  • 20120409 make an exercise routine
  • 20120409 get a safe for valuables
  • 20120101 Set up exercise routine
  • 20120409 straiten office
  • 20120409 recover hard drive in server
  • 20100124 try and recover hard drive
  • xxxxxxxx new front door
  • xxxxxxxx recover server hard drives!!!

    Delay for Responce

    • figure out plan on bank accounts (20161216 change due to retirement)

    Work in Progress

    • 20121024 work on toxic chemical (keep log)
    • clean off desk(start of clean up office)
    • Code interfaces with sqlite3. javascript and java (possible C)
    • script to UD web daily
    • 20140601 Kitchen project

    Kitchen Project

    • 20120715 find some one to do the kitchen (do);
    • 20120715 20120825 Angela wants me to get the kitchen measurement to the lady at lows (do);
    • 20120715 decide how we are going to do the kitchen;
    • 20120715 (OK) Angela does not want to fight concerning this or any other issue (do);
    • 20120715 Angela wants some plans to work on kitchen;
    • 20120715 20120903 Angela wants to talk to Antonio about floor in kitchen


    2 DozWhite Sox
    2 Dozdark Sox
    1 eachwork shoes
    1 eachwork out tennis shoes


    • 20171231 Get back condition info
    • 20130418 learn python (Scrub in lue of leaning intermeadiate C)
    • usb stick or sd memory so I can install gparted and use it (used slax)
    • make apointment for back shots (Cancle 20170403)
    • Cancel - 20130103 run cable over to rent house
    • uploads the file to a website every night